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6 Steps to Jump-Start Your Fat Loss Journey

Losing weight and shedding fat can be an uphill battle for some. Whether it's due to lacking the knowledge, the motivation, or the consistency to reach your goals, sometimes having a step by step plan of action can help you get the ball rolling.

That's why I developed the 7-Day Fat Loss Cheat Sheet to guide my fitness training and accountability coaching clients through the process.  You can download the cheat sheet here.

This post will walk you through the six lifestyle changes needed to get you started.  The key in all of this is just to do it. Take the knowledge you learn and jump right into the implementation phase.

Reading this blog won’t change your reality. Looking at motivational fitness posts on social media won’t do the trick either.  You have to get up and create the body you desire. That journey can start today.

Drink One Gallon of Water Per Day

During this process, you want to flush your body of any toxins and impurities that might remain.   The best way to do this is by drinking water frequently. Another benefit of drinking water is it makes you feel full.   It has been said that when you're hungry or having a craving for something sweet you should drink water because the culprit might be your body’s dehydration.  

Drinking water also reduces the likelihood that you will consume other high-calorie drinks such as soda or juice because it is far more challenging to drink a gallon of water and a 6 pack of Pepsi in the same day.

Drinking a gallon of water per day might take some getting used to, but if you put yourself on a schedule to drink a certain number of ounces throughout the day, it can feel less overwhelming.

Replace Salt with Herbs and Spices

Not only is salt damaging to your health it causes water retention which can make the weight loss process more difficult. Salt attracts fluids, so the result of a diet high in salt is a body with excessive bloating and puffiness.

Eating salty foods also make you thirsty, and unless you’re an avid water drinker, you’re likely drinking liquids that add additional unneeded calories to your diet.

So, if the threat of high blood pressure and stress on your heart doesn’t convince you to reduce your salt intake, hopefully, the promise of a flatter belly will.

Instead of reaching for salt, try seasoning your foods with other herbs and spices.  

Experiment with the choices that are available to you so you can add flavor to your favorite foods without dousing them in salt.

Fill Half of Your Plate With Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are a healthy food option for you.  Whether you opt for cauliflower or carrots, broccoli or green beans, consistently adding vegetables to your diet is a basic rule for maintaining a healthy and fit body.

It has been said that abs are built in the kitchen not the gym, so when you fill half of your plate with vegetables you are less likely to overindulge in other foods that have a higher calorie count.

There are many ways to fill your plate with vegetables.   You can opt for a side salad, a medley of mixed greens, or even a baked or sweet potato.   Explore Pinterest and other food inspiration resources for additional ideas in case you get bored with your current options.  As long as you're not saturating your vegetables with salt, butter, and heavy cream, you are developing healthy food habits that will boost your likelihood of dropping the weight and losing the fat.

Exercise 30-60 Minutes Per Day

If you're like many people, you're probably groaning in agony as you read this tip.   

Yes, you should be getting some form of exercise every single day.   If you're just starting out in your fitness journey or if you're short on time 30 minutes is sufficient.  If you’re an athletic pro and used to exercising regularly, 60 minutes per day is even better.

It's important to note that not only does the quantity of exercise that you do matter, but also the quality.   When you're trying to lose fat you have to work up a sweat to burn calories. While a brisk walk around the neighborhood is better than nothing, if you're not working up a sweat you're probably not doing an activity that is strenuous enough to help you drop the pounds.

Remember that losing weight and dropping fat is a numbers game. The more calories you burn, the fewer calories you consume, the more weight you lose.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

There are a couple of reasons why getting adequate rest is essential while you're on your fat loss journey.

The more hours you're awake, the more food you need to fuel your body.  If you already don’t have a good diet, you’re likely consuming additional food that will lead to weight gain. 

Lack of sleep can also lead to a hormonal imbalance that makes you feel hungry although you’re not. If you’re eating more food, especially without increasing your physical activity to match, you are setting yourself up for unwanted weight gain.

Sleeping regularly will not cause you to lose weight or drop fat dramatically.  It is, however, a healthy habit that should be added to your health and wellness plan.

Eliminate All Candy and Sugar

I'm sure you're not surprised at all by this last one.   Eliminating or reducing your candy and sugar intake is one of the keys to losing weight and dropping fat.   

Sugar, especially low-quality artificial sugar such as high fructose corn syrup, is not only bad for your health but it can also destroy your waistline. 

It’s important to note that some foods contain more sugar than you’d think whether they are processed (yogurt, barbecue sauce, cake) or naturally grown (grapes, carrots).

Next Steps on Your Fat Loss Journey

And there you have it.  Those are the six components of the Fat Loss Jump Start program that I developed to help you get started in reaching your weight loss and fat loss goals.   The process is not complicated, but it definitely requires the motivation and consistency needed to start seeing the results that you're seeking.

When you combine healthy eating habits with consistent exercise and healthy lifestyle habits such as getting adequate rest you are setting yourself up for weight loss and fat loss success.

To download a condensed version of this fat loss guide for easy reference, click here.

If you know you need of accountability coaching as you strive to reach your health and fitness goals be sure to reach out to me about my accountability coaching program. As an accountability coach, I provide daily, weekly, and monthly coaching to those who are on their journey to reaching their health and fitness goals.   

Accountability coaching is done virtually, so whether you're in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia or across the country in Richmond, California, I can provide you with the support you need to be successful in your fat loss journey.

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